Android versions list with names and features

Android versions list

Jaise ki aap sab logo ko pta he hai ki Baki sabh ke mukable android mobile ki Ratio bhot jiyada hai as compare to any other popular platform Apple, Windows etc. aaj kal har kisi person ke pass ek Android phone to jarur hoga. Android ke mid range phone hote hai aur ek acchi functionality v provide karta hai, Iphone mobiles high range ke hote hai unhe har koi banda afford nhi kar sakta.  

What is android ?

Andoid ek Operating system hai jo mobile me work karta hai, jo ki linux kernel ke uppar bna hua hai. Andoid operating system me aapko sari terah ki functionality milti hai jaise user mobile ko assani ke sath use kar sakta hai. Text message, call, video, application, email and call yeh sabhi function operating system ke hai. Android me bhot sare versions launch kiye giey new version update hone ke bad koi new function add kiye jate rahe hai.

What is android history ?

Android Operating system ko 2003 me bnaiya giya tha, Andy Rubin iske founder the. Pehle ke smartphone ajj ke jitne fast and powerful processor jaise nhi hote the to unhe us time itna faida nhi hua par bad me yeh dhere dhere popularity hasil karne lag giya.
July 2005 me Google ne android ko 50 Million Dollar kharid liya. 2007 me Google ne annouce kiya ki woh Andoid OS ko bna raha hai, is project me Andy Rubin ko team leader bnaiya giya. September 2008 me Andoid ne apna pehla version launch kiya. 2013 me Andy Rubin ne company ko chod diya aur doosre project me kam krna shuru kar diya.  Fir Google ne Andy ki jehag par Sunder Pichai ko rakh liya jo aaj v puri terah apna kam acche se kar rahe hai.

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Versions of android

Ab ma aapko android ke version number aur unke codes batauga, jo ko lagatar 2008 se launch hote aa rahe hai aur aage v hote rahegey. Yeah sare version ke names alphabetically chal rahe hai aur yeh sare name sweets ke name uppar rakhe ja rahe hai.


Alpha (1.0)

Alpha android ka pehla version tha. Alpha version ko 23 September 2008 ko launch kiya giya tha jiska version  1.0 tha, jiska API level v 1 tha, us time is version me bhot he Kam function the. Us time na he play store hota tha us time Android market application se Apps download kiye jate the.

Beta (1.1)

Yeh Android ka 2nd version tha jise 9 February 2009 me launch kiya giya tha, isma version number 1.1 tha. isme 1.0 ke mukable updates dali giey jaise ki maps, Show/hide dialpad, screen time etc. yeh version ab use nhi hote kyuki ab jo new version aaye hai unme bhot sare features available hai aur yeh version v purana ho chuka hai. Iska API level 2 tha.
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Cupcake (1.5)

Yeh Android ka 3rd version tha jise 27 April 2009 ko he launch kar diya giya aur iska version number 1.5 tha. Isme kai new features add kiye giey jaise ki Video Recording, Copy paste in web browser, Upload videos and photos etc. Iska API level 3 tha.

Donut (1.6)

Donut Version ko 15 September 2009 ko launch kiya giya jiska version number 1.6 tha. Isme jo new functions add kiye giey Voice searching, Fast camera access, select multiple photos, text to speech etc. Iska API level 4 tha. Yeh version ab use nhi hote yeh vesion ab kafhi purane ho chuke hai.

Eclair (2.0)

Eclair version ko 26 october 2009 me launch kiya giya tha jiska version number 2.0 tha. Har bar ki terah is bar v kai version add kiye giey jaise ki Bluetooth support, tap to (sms, call, email), camera new features double tap zoom in web browser. Iska API level 5-7 tha. 

Froyo (2.2)

Froyo version 20 May 2010 ko launch kiya giya tha jiska version number 2.2 tha. Jante hai ki inme kon-kon se new updates aaye the Speed, memory and performance optimization. USB tethering and wifi  hotspot function, make shortcut to applications. Iska API level 8 tha.

Gingerbread (2.3)

Gingerbread version December 2010 me launch kiya giya tha aur iska version number 2.3 tha. Isme new updates :- New audio effects- bass boost, headphones virtualization, Download manager, include Front facing camera, Video chat via Goohle Talk. Iska API level 9-10 tha.

HoneyComb (3.0)

HoneyComb Version 22 February 2011 me launch kiya giya tha aur iska version number 3.0 tha. Aayea ab hum isme new feature dekhte hai Auto fill form, Incognito window,  Added action bar , navigation bar etc. Iska API level 11-13 tha.    


IceCream Sandwich (4.0)

IceCream Sandwich version ko 18 October 2011 me launch kiya giya tha aur iska version number 4.0 hai. Isme kon kon se new features add kiye giey the added drag and drop style for copy paste, speech to text dictation, access app from the lock screen. Iska API level 14-15 hai.

Jelly Bean (4.1)

Jelly Bean version ko 9 july 2012 me launch kiya giya tha aur iska version number 4.1 hai. New updates on jelly bean version Other language support, Bluetooth data transfer for Android beem, turn off notification on any app. Iska API level 16-18 hai.

Kitkat  (4.4)

Is version ko 31 october 2013 me launch kiya tha aur iska version number 4.4 hai. New updaes on kitkat version Activate google now say ‘ok google’ , Google hangout , hide everything watching any movie  or see any image, support cloud storage, Emoji’s are come, Cloud printing by phone. Iska API level 19-20 hai.

Lollipop (5.0)

Lollipop version ko 12 November 2014 me launch kiya giya tha aur iska version number 5.0 hai. Isme kon kon se new features updates hue hai Isme bhot sari updates- aaye jaise ki notification bar badal di giey, user interface ko change kar diya giya, off screen me v aap music ko play and pause kar sakte ho. Iska API level 21-22 hai.

Marshmallow (6.0)

Marshmallow version ko 5 October 2015 me launch kiya giya tha aur iska version number 6.0 hai. New updates in marshmallow All apps in  use to permission settings, DND, particular app uses the internet data, Android Pay NFC payment mode, Improvement storage setting. Iska API level 23 hai. 

Nougat (7.0)

Naguat version ko 22 August 2016 me launch kiya giya tha aur iska version number 7.0 hai. New updates in Naguat version Multi-window, Block numbers, white list apps in data uses, Multi-tasking,  Enter emergency info, Night mode, System UI tuner hidden option. Iska API level 24-25 hai.

Oreo (8.0)

Oreo version ko 21 august 2017 me launch kiya giya tha aur version number 8.0 hai. New updates in Oreo version Auto fill information in apps, app notification improvement,  change the icon shape, payment protection. Yeh Android version abhi bhot sare log use kar rahe hai kyu ki abhi jo Android ka new veraion hai woh abhi sare phones ke liye nhi aaya hai, to abhi maximum phones me oreo he kam kar raha hai jo ki ek accha version hai. Iska API level 26-27 hai.

Pie (9.0)

Pie version ko 6 august 2018 me launch kiya giya tha aur version number 9.0 hai. New updates in Pie version new look for quick theme, adaptive brightness, notification, Improve do not disturb mode, different interface. Pie abhi tak ka latest version hai, yeh version abhi abhi bhot he kam phones me available hai yeh version jald he sabhi ke phones me update ke roop me aa jaiga, iska interface look bhot he bdia hai jisme bhot sare new features ko add kiya giya hai. Iska API level 28 hai.

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